Walnut Ridge honored with Bootstrap Award

Walnut Ridge honored with Bootstrap Award

Emily Van Zandt

The city of Walnut Ridge received a boost this month from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism.

Downtown Walnut Ridge and the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce were honored with the 2012 Bootstrap Award, one of several annual Henry Awards given by the department at a ceremony and banquet each year.

The Bootstrap Award is given annually to “an individual, organization or community that has achieved significant success on a shoestring, having limited means to work with, either in resources or finances,” according to the department.

Tourism Development Manager Donna Perrin said downtown Walnut Ridge stood out specifically for the work the city and chamber of commerce had done with Beatles Park, the Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park and the designation of a segment of U.S. 67 as Rock ’n’ Roll Highway 67.

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