Guitar Walk

Near the Chamber of Commerce Office on Rock ‘n’ Roll Highway 67

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

At 100 foot long by 40 feet wide, the Guitar Walk may break all the existing size records for an Epiphone Guitar.

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The Guitar Walk is a 115 foot long concrete guitar, complete with frets, strings and unbelievable detail. Along the edges are plaques that are nothing short of mini museums, paying tribute to the early legends that gave birth to Rock n’ Roll, at venues along Rock n’ Roll Highway 67 that runs through the area.

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The free walk includes audio narration by none other than legendary Sun Studio recording artist, Sonny Burgess.


Governor Mike Beebe (left) and Charles Snapp of the Lawrence County Tourism Committee read a plaque that honors singer Wanda Jackson on the Guitar Walk in Walnut Ridge. TD Photo ~ Shantelle Prater

Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and others are honored on the Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park.

Spaced around the body of the Guitar Walk are several stations equipped with audio recordings, representing several Rockabilly legends who traveled Rock n’ Roll Highway 67 in the 1950s, including Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and others.

John Lennon, as well as other Beatles and numerous rockabilly and Sun Studio artists, played Epiphones, or similar guitars from other manufacturers, and that’s why plans called for the look of an Epiphone, by Gibson.


Stan Perkins and his wife Connie after unveiling the plaque that honors his father, Carl Perkins. TD Photo ~ Gretchen Hunt

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